Smart cooking systems automating commercial kitchens.

VÄRM is a Swedish kitchen appliance company, developing a cloud-based cooking system to automate cooking processes.

The hardware is designed from scratch to be operated by a computer. This means that the machines have more precise sensors, respond faster and run more exact temperatures, that what regular kitchen appliances do.

One example is the steam system that can run at a +/-0.5C precision at temperature below 100C. It enables Cvap-cooking, replacing Sous vide.

The smart ovens also have a mix of systems that run in parallel to cook food fast and precise. The ovens can cook almost any type of food, including boiling soups.

We are currently developing a system for service kitchens, where the food is first par-cooked in a central kitchen and then finished in the service kitchen, for customers or meal delivery drivers to pickup.

The system is highly automated, allowing 1 kitchen staff to serve hundreds of meals per day. The BRICK system ensures quality and food safety.

The system has a built-in air cleaning system, making it very easy to install. It is literarily rolled into to a kitchen, plugged in to electricity and water, and it’s ready to go.