Fullstack IoT engineering

VÄRM is a  Swedish IoT engineering company developing smart cooking systems. These systems use custom hardware, specially designed to be operated by a computer. This enables complex cooking programs, that run multiple cooking methods in parallel, where temperature and humidity can be controlled precisely and quickly moved both up and down. One example is the steam system that can run cold steam at a precise temperature, useful to slow cook meat instead of sous vide.

“If electricity is the blood of a machine, Internet is it’s brains.”

The 2020’s will see a profound change to our world, when Internet is spread to all electrical devices. We are entering a Harry Potter world, where all things come to life. This require a redesign of almost all hardware, because computers don’t operate like humans.

Our approach to product development is to do all major engineering in-house. We also started a factory to handle the complex manufacturing that these devices require. Learn more here: www.le.works.