Smart cooking systems for the IoT era

VÄRM is a Swedish IoT engineering company specializing in developing smart cooking systems. Our hardware is designed to be operated by computers. These systems run with unprecedented speed and precision, for increased food safety and quality.

The micro kitchen

VÄRM Dice is a powerful oven that can cook up to three different dishes simultaneously. The oven glass features a 17 inch large transparent touch screen, that can handle high temperatures.


The microwave oven replacement

VÄRM Mist cooks food as fast as a microwave oven, but without using microwaves. A unique ultra fast heating system gently reheats food, using steam to freshen it up.

VÄRM Brick – For commercial kitchens

For commercial kitchens we develop a system that we call VÄRM Brick. It’s specially designed for par-cooked food. The food is cooked in a central kitchen, tagged with a cooking program and shipped to a serving kitchen where the food is cooked automatically, to perfection.